This holiday, Save-A-Lot set out to help customers take back their holiday from all the stresses that get in the way of the moments that matter most. We did this by asking ourselves, “What if the holidays themselves were the ones getting in the way?” And more succinctly, what if Santa—the symbol for joy in the hearts of kids across the world—was kind of a dick?

This was developed into a fun campaign that showed Santa as the aloof teenager, as the over-excited kid at the store, and as the judgmental mother-in-law, making the holidays just a little less bright. And with the easy, low priced, great quality shop of Save-A-Lot, our Holiday Hero (Mom) can take back her holiday with confidence by reversing the role, or even tossing his freeloading sack out of the front door.

Client: Save-A-Lot
Agency: 160over90
Production Company: Eskimo
Executive Creative Director: Cory McCall
Creative Director: Patrick Macomber
Director: Rob Soucy
Editor: Dominic Smith
Agency Producer: Alexandra Beni
Group Account Director: Renienne Simmons
Account Supervisor: Maggie Giuffrida